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How to hustle free drinks

Here. The interesting part of the post, though, is the idea of "The Proposition Bet":

The main theme of all these hustles is something called a Propostion Bet. Basically, a proposition bet is a challenge which looks like it only has one outcome...and it always favors the person placing the wager. That's because you know something the other folks don't. You know the 'challenge' is always going to go your way.

Show of hands -- How many of you think the banksters with inside knowledge of how the stress tests will go are making Proposition Bets right now?

Somebody smarter than I am -- I know I'm cynical enough -- will have to tell me whether my leap of unfaith is actually true... But it sure sounds like how they'd operate.

NOTE Hilariously, several of the YouTubes on the site have been de-activated for copyright violations.

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