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How do you spell relief?

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In honor of "Liability Relief."

Compliance Relief: People who choose to channel their money into the economy rather than wasteful income taxes should be relieved of having to do so.

Regulation Relief: Companies that enhance the climate by increasing global temperatures should no longer be monitored as they continue their important work of improving property values on the Alaskan Riviera.

Responsibility Relief: Members of the Bush Administration who improved upon the facts in the run up to Iraq should not be prosecuted.

Secrecy Relief: Scooter Libby and others involved in exposing the secret life of Valerie Plame should not have to serve time in prison.

Progeny Relief: Father's whose second families are suffering because of child support payments need to be allowed to support their young wives.

Diversity Relief: People burdened by racial integration should not bear the psychic pain.

Tort Relief: Doctors who make understandable underperformances in their field should not have their practices ruined by greedy amputees and avaricious relatives of the deceased.

Monetary Relief: Middle and working class families are beset with money problems, the Republicans are set to solve this suffering by taking it all away from them.

Dispute Relief: Americans have said over and over again they hate disunity and disagreement. The Unity '08 movement is ready to back a constitutional amendment any debate on all bills sent by the President to congress, so that Americans no longer need the burden of disputes over policy.

How do you spell relief?

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