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how do you get more troops to dance in the fire?

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November of 04 the state of Kansas forged an interstate tansfer yanking me from Texas while on National Guard service. Not knowing it til June of 05. Things were already set into motion. I have been in contact with my Congressman Todd Tiahrt. The state of Kansas has refused to return our phone calls and e-mails. Sent me to Iraq in 05 and was returned early due to snapping on chain of command. The Kansas Army National Guard desided to revoke all my orders to send me to Iraq as soon as they were printed. Then have the audasity to threaten my wife with her civil liberties because they lost my records of me actually being in Iraq. They dedted me $650 at a time per pay period for three and a half months. Then they discharge me with a personality disorder and the VA lost all my records to play the game that i cant get diability payments. They diagnosed me with glocoma and PTSD, degenerative spine, migranes, nerve damage. how do we get information of lawyers to fight for our rights sence we cant kill to get them back?

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