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How to Buy a Recall

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Submitted by Zolodoco on

The recall failed.

But not by much.

"The recall group submitted nearly 29,000 valid signatures from registered Omaha voters, enough to force the election." Setting aside a very loose interpretation of the word valid, should a small minority of people have the power to force something like this for what basically amounts to ideological differences?

Submitted by hipparchia on

how much $$$$ did that election cost the taxpayers?

from your link:

Last summer, Suttle signed off on a property tax increase as Omaha faced a budget shortfall, as well as a new restaurant tax and an increase in the city's wheel tax.

the article doesn't go into any detail, but those all sound like taxes that would fall onto the middle class [not a big deal in good times, but in ths economy?] so i can see why they're angry.

i agree that recall elections shouldn't be about differences in ideology [or adding a 5th quarter to the game], but to a lot of ordinary people the republicans' let the not-rich die of neglect whle we loot the public coffers is not materially different from the democrats' we need to take more money from the not-rich to pay for that looting.