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How are the mighty fallen


[caption] Jerry Levy, [46, who lost his job at a hedge fund last summer], attending a PTA meeting where his experience in the financial industry is a plus with members.

Mr. Levy joined the PTA and immediately noticed that he tends to tackle matters with a bluntness honed in the financial industry, while the women, whether stay-at-home mothers or professionals, he said, communicate more diplomatically.

He has zealously bounded into the PTA, becoming its liaison to the Pelham Board of Education on financial matters. Recently, he announced his candidacy for a seat on the school board, a move applauded by several longtime PTA members.

Yeah, so he can tackle matters with "bluntness" elsewhere.

Anyhow, when was finance ever an industry?

Sorry the guy's out of work -- it's a horrible feeling, and what with the banksters having brought us two huge bubbles in a little over eight years, a lot of people have experienced it. Most, I dare say, with a lot more pain, heart-ache, and destruction than Mr. Levy. And some of them are still under the bus.

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Why is it so hard for men to grasp the concept of work/life balance. Notice that the working women described somehow have time to fit in important volunteer work at their kids' school - while working. These guys apparently would never have considered it before being layed off. Wowie - he's bringing his work skills to his volunteerism! What a contribution! Have there been any women already doing that for years? Plus - and this is really shocking - he learned something about his management style from his volunteer work! Which then he can bring back to improve his job performance. Incredible! Why didn't we notice that women do this every frikkin' day?

And yes, it's certainly degrading that this high and mighty male executive has to stoop to helping out his community. And spend time on the weekends with his 4 kids. Fallen indeed.