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How a "devoted" Democrat really behaves

Paul Hackett via Kossack dday:

[Chris] Matthews tried to trip [Hackett] up at the end [of the Hardball segment] by referencing Sherrod Brown, saying "shouldn't that be you out there," but Hackett was having none of it. "Go give some money to Sherrod Brown, he's a great guy and I support him in becoming the next Senator from Ohio."

That's what a "devoted" Democrat does; gets behind the Democratic Party nominee.

Oh, and a Democrat eviscerates Republicans. Hackett's a smash-mouth Democrat,and what a pleasure to watch:

Matthews started by going to [Republican candidate Van] Taylor, asking him about Iraq. Taylor says that we must stay in Iraq because we have to stop Al Qaeda. He walks right into Matthews' trap, saying that Al Qaeda made a decision to go to Iraq, leaving Matthews to say "so if we didn't go into Iraq, they wouldn't be there." Matthews then hits him, wondering why what we're seeing on our TV screens (even though we're not really seeing it), where 3,100 Iraqis are dying a month, and no more than 5% can be attributed to Al Qaeda. Taylor couldn't respond. Hackett jumps in with "what you're seeing is a civil war. The US military has done every single thing they can do from a military standpoint. Hackett then asked "Where's the six-foot-two, left-handed guy with the flowing white robe and the kidney problem? (Taylor) doesn't understand the war on terror." It just got worse from there.

That's what a "devoted" Democrat does. Are you listening, Joe Lieberman you putz?

NOTE The cage match video.

NOTE Via Digby, also on fire lately.

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