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Household remedy request

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So my landlord set up a Raid fogger. I had no notice or time to prepare. So how should I clean up? Bear in mind that I have a collie dog, so I know I have to mop the floor with vinegar, What else?

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Submitted by jo6pac on

Also wash any plates or dishes that might have been out including the dogs.

You should also allow up to 4 hours of fresh air before being staying the rooms the foggers were used in. Raid foggers use to use Pyrethrin it will break down in Sunlight.

If the landlord is having a flea problem he'll need to do this every 7 days to break the cycle. I'm living my own flea problem from hell right now, only the house and yard have them:(

Submitted by lambert on

The note on sunlight is a good one. Not only vampires, it seems, but neurotoxins.

(I looked up Pyrethrin, assuming it was petroleum-based, and it is not. Interesting use of the power of plants!)

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Submitted by mitzi muffin on

You should probably vacuum the furniture & rugs, and put the bedding out in fresh air. What a pain, Lambert. So sorry.

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Submitted by BDBlue on

If it's fleas, in my very painful experience, the standard bug fogger won't work, but there are flea foggers that do it in one trick. Nothing like bombing yourself with poison only to discover it was the wrong poison for the problem.

All of the advice is good. Don't forget the counter tops. FWIW, I confess to having done crappy jobs of this in the past - with dogs at home - and to have suffered no ill effects that I'm aware of. So it should be done, but so long as you make a decent stab at it, the pooch and you should be fine. And eventually, you'll get used to that 11th toe. Adds character.

Submitted by lambert on

I fogged my kitchen at one point... Fortunately, with my 12th toe, I can keep my balance!

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Submitted by DCblogger on

I spent last night at the laundry, put all my bedding thru the hot cycle, heavey soil, to make sure it was cleaned. Then I put it thru a second cycle with vinegar just to be sure. I don't want to nuzzle down in something permeated with poison. I do have a flea problem, but not to bad. It was Raid Neblina Fumigator. The labels says that it is effective against fleas, so we have to hope. I live in the basement, so limited sunlight. Even though it is cool, I am keeping the windows open, right now I value fresh air over heat. My door is open, with just the screen door closed, So at least some sunlight gets in and more fresh air. I am getting lots of vinegar and cleaning supplies to start the great clean. At least the bugs are gone. In the defense of my landlord, the roaches were completey out of control. It is an old, and NOT well maintained house.

Submitted by lambert on

Vinegar is a really excellent substance in all kinds of ways, and best of all completely natural. I'm sure it will help.