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House Republicans: Intelligence on Iraq, oops, Iran WMDs is weak

Even the House Republicans, crazed, corrupt, and desperate at they are, aren't on board with Rove's Iran gambit. And surprise! The intelligence is weak:

The U.S. intelligence community is ill-prepared to assess Iran's nuclear weapons capabilities and its intentions for developing weapons of mass destruction, a congressional report said on Wednesday.

Noting "significant gaps in our knowledge and understanding of the various areas of concern about Iran," the House Intelligence Committee staff report questioned whether the United States could even effectively engage in talks with Tehran on ways to diffuse tensions.

Of course, since diffusing tension isn't a winning strategy for the Republicans, I doubt it will happen.

Hey, and guess where our intelligence on Iran is particularly weak? Could it be...

"A special concern is major gaps in our knowledge of Iranian nuclear, biological, and chemical programs," [the report] said.

Sigh. They never, never learn, do they?

Say, since Colin Powell is, erm, no longer available, I wonder if we could get Condi to do the UN speech? She could play the piano for them!

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