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Hot Tips for the Obama Campaign

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Protect the Constitution!

You are running ads saying "America is a country of strong values," and you "love America." But apparently you don't love America enough to protect her Constitution? And her citizens's private lives?

Be a leader!

(Hint: that's the job you are running for)

Don't ignore very important issues for the country that are happening right now, especially if you promised to lead on them.

Does Mr. Obama think it's fine for Mr. Bush and possibly later on Mr. Obama himself to read all our private e-mails? Because what's friendship, free thought and privacy without knowing that our Big Brothers are watching us too?

(See Lambert, above.

See, for a number of posts--scroll down. The latest:
"Leahy, Feingold Oppose Steny Surrender On FISA, Obama Silent.")

Even if the cause is "lost," speak up, my internet friends! Politics is cumulative.

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