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Hot Times and Cool Tubes

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So it's like 150 degrees and 1000% humidity here in DC today. But what almost makes it worth it: the ability to sit in Dupont Circle and blog and surf for free. Of course, silly ol' me screwed up her 802.11 connection and can't post what I wrote from the Hill yesterday, but it's comin', never fear.

Cities and municipalities really should be encouraged, and I mean like we're encouraging Holy Joe to find a new job encouraged, to get with the program and offer wifi to citizens for free. Lots of corporations want in on such deals, and I'm sure there are plenty of economists out there who can present excellent numbers about increased productivity and other important economic benefits.

...and if this city isn't 70% queer, I'll have sex with Rick Santorum's dog. Seriously, I'm trying so hard to be good, "don't smile back, you're on business, don't smile back, she obviously would require the whole of your evening..." Remembering who's running this city these days, it makes the whole "party of the closet case" take on new meaning.

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