If you have "no place to go," come here!

"Like a hospital johnny, it *looks* a lot like coverage ..."

Remember that Congressional hearing on the Massachusetts experiment in "universal health care" that you were supposed to invite your Congresscritter to [and did you?]?

Here's the video, via Healthcare-NOW!

National Lessons from State Health Reform: The Massachusetts Case Study from New Words on Vimeo.

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Submitted by lambert on

"Hospital johnnies"! I love it. If you've been looking for a term that covers all the so-called universal health care advocates (where that's defined as making sure the insurance companies business model of denying health care for profit doesn't collapse for another decade or so), I think we've got one...

Submitted by hipparchia on

having spent a lot of time being a patient in hospitals, and wrestling with insurance companies over paying for it, i found that to be a particularly apt metaphor.