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Horses' Deaths: Pharmacy Error

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I hate to go to CNN for anything these days because they're trying so hard to be Fox Lite. But in this case they have some factual information about the 21 horses murdered (no, it wasn't an accident: the only horses to receive the drugs belonged to the Venezuelan team, and all the horses "prepared" for the match with the "vitamin injections" died) by injections of a vitamin mixture that's illegal in the US.

Dr. Scott Swerdlin, a veterinarian at the Palm Beach Equine Club who helped treat the animals as they were dying, told The Palm Beach Post that a licensed veterinarian could obtain ingredients similar to Biodyl by submitting a prescription to a pharmacy containing the recipe for the supplement.
FDA spokeswoman Siobhan DeLancey said any effort to create a homemade version of Biodyl with the same ingredients also would be illegal.
Dr. Christie Ward, a veterinarian at the University of Minnesota, said supplements are generally unlikely to harm horses but that some contain substances that could prove dangerous in large doses.
Selenium, a substance found in Biodyl, ''can be toxic when administered at too high a level,'' she said.

The prescribing veterinarian's license ought to be taken away now, and the compounding pharmacy should be forced to pay for all 21 of the horses. If it goes bankrupt as a result, that's okay in my book -- when you're dealing with life-and-death matters, you ought to be careful about what you're doing.

An internal investigation by Franck's Pharmacy in Ocala, Florida, "concluded that the strength of an ingredient in the medication was incorrect. We will cooperate fully with the authorities as they continue their investigations," the company said in a statement issued Thursday afternoon.

The claim that the horses "weren't in any pain" is bogus, bogus, bogus, by the bye.

Harsh, you say? Impolitic in the current fiscal climate, you say? Sod off, I say -- there is no excuse for carelessness like this.

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