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Hopefully not premature garden brag

Actually, it's an iris brag. A friend gave me some iris bulbs two years ago. Last year, nada, zip, zilch, but this year I'm getting lots of compliments!


Not perhaps the best picture. Perhaps better ones later. And a problem:

The garden brag may be premature, because although I've been carefully p___ing near the woodchuck's exit hole under the front porch*, I haven't actually slaughtered it, and every morning, when I awake, and look out my window, I'm relieved to see plants instead of orts and scraps left over from a woodchuck family dinner. But this is a smaller problem:


Those are sunflowers, and something's chewing the leaves. I think it's a robin. Live and let live? Maybe robins eat grubs? And I thought it was clever to put seeds in peat pots, because that way I can spot them easily, and water them, and not step on them. But maybe I'm just putting the seeds inside a big fat circular target for the robin?

NOTE * After dark, I hasten to add!

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Submitted by twig on

which really surprised me, because I don't think of iris as being scented.

Same problem with sunflower leaves here, even after sprinkling them with paprika and spraying with ammonia/water mix (1:4). Whatever chomps on the leaves backed off a bit, but not entirely. At least the plants are budding, so a sunflower Plantidote is coming any day now!

Submitted by lambert on

Though more subtle than lilac which are out around the same time, here.

Iris are my favorite flower.

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Submitted by cal1942 on

take two years to get first growth from iris bulbs or did I misunderstand?

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

i swear to Chuy i want to start a blog with that name. which is to say, every time a plant blooms/fruits, it becomes 'my favorite flower.' you'll get it, eventually. it is hard not to love them all; they are like children in a certain way, and watching them flower (children and plants) is the very essence of renewal and hope (the real kind).

but my irises aren't performing this year, dunno why. my jap irises are doing well, but have yet to flower. it's not just me; everyone in the 'hood is still waiting for the show. we'll see if it comes thru, or not. in the meantime: damn! peonies! so huge this year, as well as the roses. it's always different, which is another reason i adore gardening. food crops are also looking good this year. the Tsai Tsai Choi is doing damn good out here, and it's a superfood, so I'm very excited to start harvesting. also: many, many volunteer 'maters. it's been a good combo of hot, wet, and sunny out here. i just can't complain. even lacking fabulous irises like yours. nice job on your wonderful bicolors, clearly they are worth the wait.

Submitted by gob on

There are many things that will chew your seedlings. Mine have been decimated this year by an explosion of pillbugs, in addition to the usual slugs and snails. Early morning inspections reveal the little bastards all over the leaves, chewing away.

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Submitted by jerztomato on

Irises are one of my favorites. So many to choose, so little space.......German Iris are lovely, but those damn iris borers...Let's see, I have Japanese, German, Pacific coast, Dutch, Spanish, Siberian, Louisiana and crested.
Those robins are great bug pickers. Personally, I'd love some ducks (great slug eaters), but my neighborhood will not allow fowl :(