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Hopefully, neo-liberal weasel Sarkozy loses big in the French election


French voters headed to the polls on Sunday in round one of a presidential ballot, with economic despair on course to make Nicolas Sarkozy the first president to lose a fight for re-election in more than 30 years.

Assuming, of course, that the French electoral system isn't as "innovative" as our own.

Still, this is a story where the story is not the story: The word "despair" in the first paragraph is interesting, and indicates.... Some awareness of reality inside the bunkers at Al Ahram, I mean, Reuters.

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Unfortunately, the French have their own bunch of dingbats and 20% of them voted for Marine Le Pen, the far right candidate. That 20% is anti immigration, nationalistic. Somehow, I doubt that the socialist is going to be able to get them. But maybe some of sarkozy's contingent will move left to prevent Le Pen's group from getting too much power with sarkozy's. It doesn't look good. I suspect the Murdoch contingent had been stirring up trouble.