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Hopeful Rumormongering for No Good Reason

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Heh, I won't tell you where I heard it, as it is out there on the Intertubes and you can find it yourself with a little effort. And I'm posting because one of my sort of in-the-know friends didn't poopoo it when I ran it by him. What would you say to "Vice-President Feingold?" The rumor goes that all the other names you're hearing are a distraction/diversion and that Obama really prefers Russ, but wants to vet him quietly.

The Obama camp is filled with many different kinds of people, but not all of them are wholly addicted to "consultant-logic." They know that many of you here, and elsewhere, are already very unhappy with him and may go as far as withdrawing your support althogether, as very publically, some already have. Feingold would be a significant olive branch to progressives, no? Also, the bitterness between the BHO and HRC camps seems to be proving real and lasting, and it's always easiest, when choosing whom to screw over, to pick feminists. But anyway, beyond being a wonderful dream to someone like me (I enjoyed Russ as my Senator for a time, he's the Real Deal), it makes sense in a darkly ugly yet realist sort of way. Feingold is a kind of assassination-insurance for Obama; kill him and you get a real progressive in charge of the country. I bet that idea scares the master class a lot. Anyway, consider this a silly Sunday post entirely not based on anything significant or fact-related.

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It would be funny as hell to watch Lieberman's reaction when he realizes that the first Jewish VP will not be a bloviating scold.

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He wants to be a "unitary" executive, and he heard from Cheney that 4th branch is the kewlest.

“But hysteria is all the rage these days, I guess” - gqm

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I might (MIGHT!) take a page from "The Bet" episode of "Seinfeld", throw my money on the table and say "I'm Out!".

The mere sound of the words "Vice President Feingold" make my leg go all tingly. It'd be the ONLY reason to vote for the odious Democratic candidate this year, but it's a good one.

But the same downsides apply that apply to a theoretical VP Clinton: will the VP under BO be allowed to roam free, a la Cheney (I'd love to see Feingold with Cheneyan powers - more fun even than HRC), or will he be muzzled and shut down by the DC O'borg elite in the name of bipartisan ponies?

There's still no way to even guess the answer.

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Submitted by scoutt on

Jesus christ, is this a way to even discuss VP candidates?

He doesn't have the balls to pick Feingold. He's not going to pick anyone with clear progressive positions on any tough issues.

BTW, does it bother you that they've left reference to gays and lesbians out of the democratic platform?

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Submitted by TonyRz on

Jesus christ, is this a way to even discuss VP candidates?

No, it's not, but among the OFB, paranoia and delusions are the way to go: Everyone's Out to Get Him. I'm not saying that CD is exhibiting this in this post, but it does seem to be an accepted reality among the OFB that this is an operative reality. And frankly, were Quayle and Cheney anything but insurance against impeachment, assassinations, etc? It's not an unprecedented idea sprung anew from the O'cult.

He doesn’t have the balls to pick Feingold. He’s not going to pick anyone with clear progressive positions on any tough issues.


BTW, does it bother you that they’ve left reference to gays and lesbians out of the democratic platform?

I think what's actually changed is divorce of anything in the GLBT anagram from any sentence with the word "family" in it, whereas they were allowed to wave at each other in the 2004 platform.

Which is so like this year's candidate: stealth dog-whistles of hatred. BO juxtaposed god and gays at his famous (and, for me, puke-inducing) 2004 convention speech, and now the party platform won't put GLBT and "family" in the same sentence.

We're definitely sliding backwards, but from the True Believer's standpoint, EVERYTHING is sliding backwards (and that true believer, like a broken clock, would be accurate twice a day), and a BO presidency is the only way to staunch the blood loss.

As it stands now, I'm not voting BO, and have felt this way all year. "VP Feingold" is just about the only thing that might make me seriously reconsider.

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Submitted by herb the verb on

Evan Bayh would then be assassination-guaranteed?

Certainly he is the Village Fan Favorite (and I would link you to every single Sunday morning show from Mclaughlin Group (ch. 2 here), through Meet the Village (ch. 11 here), to CNN (ch. 32 here) if you wanted).


Around these parts we call cucumber slices circle bites

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Submitted by DCblogger on

on what planet is Chicago Dyke a member of the OFB?

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Submitted by Valhalla on

Both Obama and McCain are using VP rumor leaks to pander to various constituencies. It makes people feel good because they think that the candidate is showing something about their principles or how they'll govern by who they are vetting.

On the Obama side, I expect it will also feed the super-secret progressive delusion held by many of his supporters. Haven't checked any netroots sites, but I can guess it goes like this: "Well, Obama secretly wants to pick Feingold, he really, really would do it but Clinton and her evil cover is blocking him! They're Brides of Satan, you know."

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Submitted by amberglow on

to all who want a real fighting liberal as candidate--all the names floated have been signals to one group or another.

he's gonna go very very safe--and very very midwestern, i think---Bayh or someone else dull like him.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

i can't quite figure out why, but it's ok. i don't care. and i'm sorry if you don't like the formulation of 'assassination-insurance,' but as a 'black' man, he'd be silly not to recognize that there are plenty of people out there willing to aim a gun at any black man who acheives any sort of political power. american racism is ugly like that, and factually speaking, i'll hope you're aware of history such that you can see it is not unreasonable to at least consider in his case, that risk.

anyway, i did say this was a "silly" post. clearly some folks are just a little too tightly wound. i a wholly serious way i will say that i generally agree with Valhalla: this is a trial balloon/deliberate leak aimed at making some angry progressives reconsider their pledge not to vote for him in the fall. however, "buzz" really is everything to the consulting class, and if enough progressives seemed to the campaign to be really really excited about RF, and enough moderates, and the metrics worked out in the close-race states, don't think for a minute that they'd rule russ out. after all, the goal is 'elect obama,' and as many of you are fond of pointing out, it's clear he'll do anything, pander to anyone, if he and his team think it will bring them closer to that goal. that's just the way politics works in our country today, 'ideals' and 'principles' are just words for the rubes, and not the pros. i'd like to think that if it were Russ, he wouldn't change much from the man and senator i've experienced him to be; who can say what would happen, tho.

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Submitted by TonyRz on

on what planet is Chicago Dyke a member of the OFB?

In case you're asking me, my only response is that I took pains in my post to differentiate the very modern and not unheard-of "Assassination insurance" concept from free-floating OFB paranoia.

Speaking aloud of the idea, as CD did, does not make one a kool-aid carrying member of the OFB, and I think I said so, but perhaps not clearly enough.

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Submitted by CognitiveDissonance on

Considering all the people who have already said no to Obama, I have to seriously question whether Feingold would consider running with Obama. Who wants to get tarred with the coming debacle in November, let alone be associated with his race baiting and misogyny?

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

seriously, don't worry about it, i understood what everyone was saying and didn't think anyone called me a cultist.

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He'll just rise up after three days and all will be fine.

I heard the same assassination fears from Deaniacs back in '04. No matter who the president is, there is ALWAYS a threat. Ya know, Tim McVeigh didn't care that most of the people he murdered were white. The ideology of these killers is generally color invariant.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

let's forget about BHO and the OFB for a minute.

do you agree, or not, that the risk of being hurt or killed by those motivated by hatred is greater for people of color? do you agree or not that as people of color gain influence, power and wealth, in some ways, that risk increases? do you believe that there are nutjob racists who are also nutjob gun owners who sit around in bars and couches shouting at the teevee everytime they see a person of color presented favorably? i know that last one for a fact, btw, from my bar days. i'm light skinned enough sometimes racists speak freely around me, not knowing "what i am."

it's completely logical and practical, imho, for a black pol to go to great, extra, further than his white counterparts, when it comes to security issues. now, everything i've said has *nothing* to do with the behavior and assertions of the OFB, some of whom take this position and run with it into paranoid fantasy land. can you understand i'm trying to make a separate point from that?

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Submitted by scoutt on

I don't even know you. I don't like your pov and your exaggerations. You seem really smart and funny and probably can keep an audience entertained. But I wonder if you're that funny, smart entertaining type that doesn't mind being a little mean to keep the crowd engaged. That's the part of you that I'm reacting to.

Hillary Clinton, The Man of My Dreams

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Submitted by scoutt on

Completely wrong. You might have a sweet and fair side. I've just haven't read anything that sounds very empathetic or considerate of an opposing point of view. But then I'm a bottom so please factor that into your assessment of my assessment.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

seriously, i have no idea of what you're speaking. you're new here, i'm not. tell me what i said that first pissed you off and made you so harsh towards me, let's go from there. in total seriousness: i don't care if people "like me" or not in the blogosphere; unlike a growing number of bloggers, i don't do this for money, fame, power, or exposure. this is my modern day 'diary,' and i burden all of you with it b/c lambert and the rest of the Sr. Fellows were foolish enough, long ago, to invite me to write with them.

what's your beef? i don't know you either, i just recall, perhaps wrongly, that every time i read a comment of yours following up one of mine, you complain about something i say. and i wonder...why? i'm not a member of the OFB (review my work up at the link at the top right of the page for proof) but i'm also not like a lot of HRC supporters, of which i've never been a member. i was an edwards grrl, i still am despite the fact (or lol, because) he cant' keep it in his pants. anyway, it just seems like you don't really understand where i'm coming from, despite 00000s of silly pages of mine, written here for all to see, if they would only bother to, you know, read them.

if you have better things to do, that's kewl as well. fuck blogging, it's mostly a waste of all our time. feel free to tell me to fuck off anytime. i'm glad you elsewhere ref'd the Lexington. i had the time of my life there, last time i was out that way, with two beautiful womyn who wanted to explore "butch" and "femme" with me. mmmmmm.

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i'm sure you know, scoutt, if you're experienced, that such is sooooooo much more complicated than...well, it complex, yo. have you read "venus in furs?" de Sade? other classics? if so, let's chat. i can have lots and lots of fun with those who understand as i do...all that.

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Submitted by dr sardonicus on

Word has it that John McCain plans to announce that his Vice-Presidential candidate is... Barack Obama!

The deal is that McCain figures to be a one-termer anyway, so he'll step down in 2012 (or earlier if his health deteriorates), and Obama will be the candidate of the new Unity Pony Party formed out of the merger of the Democrats and the Republicans.

The end of democracy? Don't be silly! You can still run as a Green, Libertarian, Constitutionalist, or whatever floats your boat, provided you can figure out the new ballot access requirements after the Unity Ponies rewrite them state-by-state, and can raise the necessary money to compete (the Unity Ponies will have at least $1 billion available to them each Presidential election cycle).

Unity Ponies for all! Morning In America forever!

...for the rest of us

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Submitted by Damon on

I do hate to distract from the rumoring, but even in my short time here I've found Chicago Dyke to be fair and thoughtful, for the most part, if even a little blunt.

Anyway, I'm not sure I believe the rumor in any way, but that is a ticket that would make even this Obama Skeptic take a second look at. You want to talk about real change? Then a President Feingold would be your man. I'm a bit put off by his sometimes overly acerbic and biting personality, but I'd almost gladly overlook that.

But, alas, it looks like there is a better chance of Feingold becoming McCain's vice president than Obama's.

Submitted by lambert on

How the heck do you square the circle on FISA? Other than, say, by putting Feingold in charge of the restoration of Constitutional government?

If it happened, I'd be happy... But exactly because choosing Feingold wouldn't put the boot into Hillary and her supporters sufficiently, I don't think it will happen.

[ ] Very tepidly voting for Obama [ ] ?????. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by bringiton on

Really, CD; what could you be thinking. If it isn't doom and gloom, it isn't worth speculating.

I do hope this one comes true, if only for the pleasure of reading your follow up.