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Hopedance... What a Feeling

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We need to be hopeful and trust Obama.

Think about this: the guy changed how political campaigning done in this country and defeated the old politics of fear and division of the GOP. The guy has proven already he's about reform. Is he appointing people that you think are not progressive enough? Well, let's wait. How can't I give the man the benefit of the doubt and let him work? We don't know exactly what his agenda is going to be, but I have the feeling he'll bring progressive changes to America in such a gradual manner that America will be changed from within without noticing it.
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Submitted by hipparchia on

we're all dead."

gradual isn't going to cut it for a lot of us. not to mention the inconvenient fact that social changes, even the good ones, can be more cataclysmic than gradual.

The guy has proven already he's about reform.

not if you look at his record back when he was in illinois.

We don't know exactly what his agenda is going to be,

well, yes, that would be the problem. i want a clear agenda. in fact, i have an agenda, and if obama's lacking one, i'll be glad to share mine with him.

but I have the feeling he'll bring progressive changes to America

me, i have a feeling of dread -- that he'll bring us the great depression 2.0 and world war 3.x.

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Submitted by Damon on

The central vein of Obama's support has always been faith-based. That is, despite everything he has said and done that you still project onto him what you hope would be true about him. This was always one of the turn-offs for me about the movement. It's not based in any kind of reality, rather pathological rationalization after pathological rationalization. During the showdown between the two last democratic candidates for the nomination I was often asked why I supported the less fanboyish candidacy, and it was because one of the two realized that they were a politician and ran as such and the other one either didn't realize he was a politician or openly tried to deceive others into believing he was something more.

That is not to say that their aren't any reality-based Obama supporters, or that there aren't any fanboyish Hillary supporters, but this really was a contest about substance vs style, and I'll forever be grateful to the candidate that did everything to try and keep the bullshitting to a minimum and fessed up when she made mistakes or betrayed her message. I'm tired of the fantasy. We just made it through living an eight year fantasy, of which the only one to enjoy it was the sitting president.

This is what's distressing, and it is not destressing because we make it so. It's distressing because we're seeing usually very sane, independent and critical thinkers totally giving themselves over to a politician. If these people would really step back for just a minute and listen to themselves they've be horrified to. "Just trust him"?! Are you kidding me? No, don't trust him. Don't you dare trust him. He works for you, and don't you ever forget that. It's hard enough to trust a politician with a national record, to trust someone with a president-election nearly non-existant national record is just foolish. This is the zombification of politics. This isn't supposed to be "Follow the Leader" folks.

I wanted a president, and we got a wannabe national spiritual leader and a decent motivational speaker. You know, humans only sustain faith in things that they can not see or perceive, and Obama is very much visible and real...

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Submitted by Auntie Meme on

There's an old Southern Baptist song that fits this idea:
"Trust and Obey,
Trust and Obey,
There's no other way
than to Trust and Obey."

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Submitted by lillianjane on

is a step higher than merely hoping, so this is progress, and they are progressives, so all is good.