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Honoring Women Who Serve

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Tennessee has become the first state in the union to honor women veterans with a license plate of their own. A one woman army, Laura Comas, made it possible.

Laura Comas is a wife, mother, and a former sergeant in the US Army.

She realized after she was honorably discharged that there were several veteran plates, but none that described her military service.

"So I went online, and when I did, I noticed that of the nearly 20 that were available at the time, none of them recognized women veterans," Comas said.

Four years ago, Comas started on a mission to pay tribute to women of the armed services.

"We've been contributing to our nation since its beginning and without very much acknowledgment or recognition."

She drafted the bill then enlisted some help in creating the license plate.

The plate (shown below) depicts Molly Pitcher:

Ms. Comas has also lobbied others to take up the plates and West Virginia is scheduled to follow suit.

Normally, I'm not much on specialty plates but in this case, I think the plates are an excellent reminder to all that women currently serve and have, indeed, always served our nation.

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lol. Now if we can stop the crazy GOPers in the statehouse from doing their thing we may just turn out alright.

And that's a lot of plates you got there in Florida!

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It was Tennessee that was the final state to ratify the 19th amendment, giving women the right to vote. So, Tennessee has been a bit of a pioneer in this regard, at least in the south.