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To Honor the Fallen

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War never does anybody any favors. Under the George W. Bush regime, however, it appears that not only did the women and children of Iraq suffer on a wholesale basis, but female GIs also faced torture, rape, and murder while on US-controlled ground in Iraq. From an article about rape, murder and coverup at commondreams seeking investigation into the death of 19-year-old Army PFC Lavena Lynn Johnson at Balad, where she was found in a KBR tent in July 2005, come the details:

Another family that does not believe their daughter committed suicide in Iraq is the family of Army Private First Class Tina Priest, 20, of Smithville, Texas, who was raped by a fellow soldier in February, 2006 on a military base known as Camp Taji.

On the same Camp Taji, 10 days later after Tina Priest was found dead, on May 11, 2006, woman US Army Private First Class (name known to author, but not identified for the article), 19, was found dead.

The September 4, 2006 death at Camp Taji of Private First Class Hannah Gunterman McKinney, 20...

Other suspicious "non-combat related injury" deaths on Camp Taji include Fort Hood's 1st Armored Cavalry Division PFC Melissa J. Hobart who died June 6, 2004, 1st Armored Cavalry Sergeant Jeannette Dunn who died November 26, 2006), 89th Military Police Brigade Specialist Kamisha J. Block (who died August, 2007), 4th Infantry Division Specialist Marisol Heredia who died September 7, 2007) and 4th Infantry Division Specialist Keisha M. Morgan who died February, 22, 2008. None of the deaths have been classified as suicides, but the circumstances of their deaths should be investigated further because of serious questions concerning their deaths.

Did the Army, or KBR, have a serial killer at Camp Taji, and cover up the murders?
Have the rapists / killers returned to the US already, with no criminal record?
Why aren't the Senate and House Armed Services committees investigating these matters, at the very least?

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Lavena Johnson:

Tina Priest:

Hannah Gunterman McKinney:

Melissa J. Hobart:

Sgt. Jeanette Dunn:

Kamisha J. Block:

Marisol Heredia:

Keisha M. Morgan

Common description based on the photos: PETITE.

Not a profiler, I; but there are things you just ... get the shivers ... when you see.

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as we say in the South.
I think it would be a good thing if we lit fires under the First Lady, the VA, and the CID regarding investigating these killings.

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redirects to michelle obama's page at for now, where there is a generic contact us form, but maybe this means she'll have her own site and her own contact shortly. i hope so. i'll be keeping an eye out for it.

meanwhile, from that page --

As First Lady, Michelle Obama looks forward to continuing her work on the issues close to her heart — supporting military families, helping working women balance career and family, and encouraging national service.

looks like this issue should be close to heart if you ask me. thanks to sarah bringing this up, i've already sent something via the contact form.

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ok, i've written to michelle obama, via the generic contact form, and to hillary clinton, via the state department generic contact form.

looks like the house and senate armed services committees have to be reached by fax, phone, or snail mail, so i'll do those later this week.

the generic contact forms at the va website aren't generic enough, so that will probably have to be another contact by phone/fax/snail mail.

my web browser got hung up at the dod contact page, so maybe tomorrow for that one.

and the dept of justice has an office on violence against women. i might contact them too, just because i can.

and of course my senators and representative will be hearing from me too, all 3 of whom tend to loudly carry on about 'supporting the troops' but seldom put their votes where there mouths are. nor do any of them seem to care much about women, especially the 2 republicans.