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Home renovations (2)

Previously, I wrote about some of the reasons the site needs to be upgraded from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, and I gave the URL of the beta version, so you can go mess about with it (your existing login will work).

In this post, I want to describe a few of the every day improvements that should make the site easier to use, especially for beginners. In fact, using a keen free screen capture tool called Jing, I made a few (amateurish) videos, with actual voiceover, so you can see what I'm talking about without actually visiting the new site.

However, I made them too large to embed, and so there are only links. Sorry! But please click through and, if you then feel so inclined, log in and test drive.

1. Improved WYSIWYG editor.

2. Existing HTML editor.

3. Tables.

4. Improved image handling.

5. Vastly improved, "faceted" search that I hope makes Corrente's humongous back catalog much more accessible.

6. Exotic features like spell checking and [Hi Hugh!] non-Roman characters like Chinese ideographs.

More to come....

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Submitted by danps on

Just sent you a screen print of one weird thing. Also: Could you wrap the "Read more" link? Having it at the end is less intuitive to me. Or maybe I'm just a cranky "the old way was better" type.

That said, the sticky pin is great, the tables are formatted nicely (finally!) and it's probably better to have the more static items moved from the sidebar to the bottom like you did.

Overall I really like it!

Submitted by ubetchaiam on

Will there be restrictions on uploaded images? I'd never heard of drupal; thanks for the knowledge.

Submitted by lambert on

I'll fix in a bit!

Submitted by hipparchia on

looking forward to the new search tool very much.

in the meantime, that particular video stopped at 1:43 for me too (just now).

Submitted by lambert on

You restrict by clicking facet links in the sidebar (which maybe I should love above the content area). It's pretty intuitive. I really like it. I found some posts I didn't even remember writing!

Submitted by ubetchaiam on

stopping at 1:43 without going to link of video which also stops at 1:43

Submitted by lambert on

So it looks like I had a fail of some sort. I'll re-record.

Note that since we have some 37,000 posts, and there's a spider that's iindexing starting from the beginning, but the entire site might not be indexed. So you might not find something you expect to find. Nevertheless, you can test the experience.

Another nice feature is that every search has a URL that can be bookmarked and shared.