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Holy Joe Took Dirty Money

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Contributions from associates and friends of now-indicted garbage executive James Galante to the 2004 presidential campaign of U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman have sparked the interest of federal investigators.

Lieberman's bid for the White House took in at least $14,000 from Galante, his associates and their relatives in the fall of 2003, according to a Courant review of campaign records.

The contributions to Lieberman, a longtime Democrat who became an independent in 2006, are similar to allegedly bundled contributions to three Republican officeholders that earlier this month led to state charges against Galante, who is also facing a 2006 federal racketeering indictment.

I'm sure nothing will happen to Holy Joe, he was unknowning and innocent and had no idea what this criminal was up to, I'm sure. Still, it's always a good idea to follow the money. I just wish more people in CT had done so back when it mattered, and a perfectly acceptable alternative Rich White Guy could've been chosen.

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This was my favorite part of that story:

Lieberman's name along with about a dozen political figures appears on the so-called Galante "ledger" - which was discovered in an office credenza when FBI agents raided his trash headquarters in Danbury in July 2005.

The document has proved intriguing to the legislative committee examining the relationship between Galante and DeLuca. The lawmakers first learned of the ledger when the U.S. attorney's office granted them permission to review a heavily redacted report of an FBI interview of DeLuca.

Intrigued, but frustrated by the redactions, the committee asked the U.S. attorney's office for additional information, in particular, the significance of the "25,000." The U.S. attorney's office has not said how it will respond. DeLuca opposes the release of additional information.

"It's uncertain as to what that is a reference to, the `25,000,'" state Sen. Andrea Stillman, D-Waterford, mused during a meeting. "Of course, there isn't a dollar sign. It doesn't say chickens. It doesn't say anything. It just says the number."

Others familiar with the so-called ledger have over recent weeks questioned whether the word "ledger" is even an appropriate characterization. They said the document is, more accurately, a succession of pages torn from a pad similar to the sort a business executive such as Galante might have by his office telephone.

They said the pages contain various jotted notes, apparently written over time, sometimes in pencil and at other times in a variety of inks. Notes about business matters are interspersed with the names of the political figures. Aligned against the names of the political figures are sums ranging from 2,500 to 100,000. Along with Lieberman, the names include candidates for local office in eastern New York.

Well, since a US Attorney has now become involved, I'm sure that everything is on the up-and-up and no politics are involved.

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