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MoDo's Georgetown bash: "The fanciest treats she had were pigs in a blanket..."

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A get-rich-quick idea: set up a stand selling "Eat the Rich" t-shirts, then get everyone you can to read this post.

Once you become rich, they'll have to eat you, too, but at least you'll understand.


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Best line of the evening I heard besides Maureen Dowd's tales of JFK was said to David Geffen and boyfriend Jeremy by someone who I won't name.

This person said to them, "When you guys come to a State Dinner, you don't have to come as a couple. Both of you come and you each bring a date," nodding Maureen Dowd's way.

This is going to be a much more gay friendly White House. Take that Rick Warren.

I don't get it.

Is the author of the piece making a funny about the new administration's "friendliness"?

Has David Geffen been in the closet since dating Cher years ago?

Is the (unnamed) person being quoted just being extremely dry and I don't get it?

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But that's the way you need to look at the world to think that hangin' with Maureen and Andy is downright upright -- everything's a great big Antoinette larf.

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and does not sound very gay friendly

speaking of pigs-in-blankets, did Hamsher have one? I would like to see a photo of that.

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Haven't been able to read FDL much since they went over to the Hope Side many moons ago, but still on the front page is a posting by JH about lobbyists including this aside about the parties she personally went to:

Media Matters, the DNC, Declare Yourself, FDL/Netroots Nation, the Illinois Home State Ball, the Huffington Post Ball and the Google Ball among others

And I have to say, why the hell not? Whatever I think of what FDL's comments section (and certain front-pagers) these days, I don't think she's going to start kissing Harry Reid's ass in print because Maureen Dowd gave her some cocktail weenies. And didn't she have a day job in Hollywood a lifetime ago? Maybe she just showed up at places and said "I'm with Geffen!". :)

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The comments section there is downright toxic, and as with Atrios/Eschaton, lead the admins in going insane. And it's still nutty today: check out the followups to the FDL posting entitled "Worst. Inauguration. Ever." about some poor schmuck stuck behind a locked gate with a purple ticket and hundreds of his closest friends through the Tuesday ceremony.

I still like tbogg, though, and Jane writes an occasional killer piece on House and Senate tomfoolery. Just a matter of wearing more filters, I guess....

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I actually think it is a good thing when the netroots people get invited to these things. Of course there is always the possibility that they will get coopted, but I really don't have a problem with it.

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I want to be mad, but I can't stop from laughing. They aren't pretending to be Versailles, they are Versailles on the Potomac. Given this new infusion of Hope, I'm expecting to see Washington literally lifting into the clouds any day, now. And, by God, if His (Obama's) will be done, it will do just that.

More seriously, it's becoming more apparent than ever that America has an attention span even shorter than Dubya's, and Dubya's attention span was equal to that of a fruit fly.