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Holiday Driving? Some things NOT to Do

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can be found in this excellent diary, currently reposted at Daily Kos, and in the comments thereunto.

Rule No. 1: Don't be an idiot on the road.
The laws of physics are on the side of the bigger vehicle in a collison, so, you know, don't be trying to beat the train, and don't cut in front of the 18-wheeler, and if you're going to be on the road remember a few survival tools -- keep a blanket in your trunk, and a shovel, and a 5-lb bag, or so, of kitty litter in case of ice.

Every year we hear about travelers killed in horrific wrecks, stranded in snowed-in passes, and similar circumstances. There are all kinds of great sites to visit for travel information, road conditions, gas prices, and what you need to have handy for emergencies. Many of you have already been driving in stinking rotten weather.

"Over the river, and through the woods ..." is supposed to have a happy ending, 'k?

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