If you have "no place to go," come here!

Hold it? Or let go?

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Submitted by lambert on

Heh heh heh.

Reminds me of an old Philip K. Dick novel, Ubik I think it was, where the protagonist had to pay a nickel to open his refrigerator.

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Submitted by pie on

What are they gonna do, kick you off?

How much would you pay for a parachute? :)

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Submitted by pie on

Not everyone uses the toilet on board one of our flights but those that do could help to reduce airfares for all.”

Reduce airfares?!! How much are these users going to be charged for using the loo?!!!


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Submitted by Sarah on

or I don't fly.

The only other outfit that I'd get on an airplane with won't let me on their planes anymore, 'cause I'm not a USAF retiree or reservist.

I'm contemplating a trip in a few weeks (after the end of my night class but before the beginning of the next semester). I want to go to the Home Front monument for Rosie the Riveter in Richmond, California. It is on the site of the Kaiser Permanente Richmond Shipyards. My parents spent World War Two there, as welders on the Liberty Ships. I hope to be able to afford to stay at a KOA or similar establishment, as even Super 8 Motel in Richmond charges more than $80 a night.

(The Hotel Coleman is a bit much to try to hump onto and off of a commercial flight; but I do have a smaller tent and Southwest is pretty generous with baggage allowances...)

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Submitted by Dykester on

I heard that accommodations there are cheaper along 80. FWIW.

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Submitted by Dykester on

Why am I not surprised that business has devolved to the point of treating its customers like this? I think I've become too cynical, and then I read stories like this one and I realize I may not have the depth of imagination necessary to be cynical enough to predict where corporatism and greed will take us next. What's next? Charging for the bathroom by volume of shit or urine? Maybe we can charge for toilet paper by the sheet (single play, of course!) to defray more costs.

Since the 70s I've watched as we've taken away free bathrooms and water fountains so that the homeless cannot use them. That was the beginning of treating the homeless as if they were less than human. So now corporate america is treating its customers like the homeless.

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Submitted by Damon on

I've already heard arguments made that under many countries laws, this would be illegal since, as someone above said, this would be the only choice of bathrooms for a rather extended period of time.

Talk about cruel and unusual punishment. lol