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HOLC on hold. Still.

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Don't worry. A few months after you lose your home, Barack will have your back.

Perhaps we need to wait for an election cycle that favors progressive policies. With Obama's limited gift for oratory, and a year that heavily favored Republicans and insensitivity toward the American middle class, he couldn't possibly have run on a platform that boosted support for mortgage cramdowns, now could he?

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How could a progressive hand out 350 billion to Big Money NOW NOW NOW NOW, no strings attached, and then not take care of the homeowners?

Maybe He's waiting for the really good ponies tp come in? The ones on back order?

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I know you're certainly not offended. This is what you expected after all.

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I don't like to hold grudges (it's hard work for me) but I think this sort of thing calls into question the credibility of the left. Some of us were constantly harping on the dangers of "post-partisan" but were greeted with some really nasty personal accusations.

Here's the thing: How many orgasmic Howard Dean supporters worked themselves into ecstasy when Dean would rail against the Republicans? He made a name for himself bad-mouthing the GOP at every opportunity (despite him being rather "moderate" on most thins). How many of these same people four years later worked themselves into shuddering bouts of pleasure when Obama runs the essentially anti-Dean campaign? If that doesn't send a signal about political philosophy (or lack thereof), I don't know what does.