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Just another story out of Iraq, where the surge is fixing everything. Another story that if it happened in our country, it would be an absolutely galvanizing event:

Off-duty Shiite policemen enraged by massive bombings in the northern town of Tal Afar went on a revenge spree against Sunni residents there on Wednesday, killing at least 45 men, police and hospital officials said.

The policemen began roaming the town’s Sunni neighborhoods on foot early in the morning, shooting at Sunni residents and homes.

A senior hospital official in Tal Afar said at least 45 men ages 15 to 60 were killed and four others were wounded.

Police said dozens of Sunnis were killed or wounded, but they had no precise figures. The shooting continued for more than two hours, the officials said.

“I wish you can come and see all the bodies. They are lying in the grounds. We don’t have enough space in the hospital. All of the victims were shot in the head,” a doctor at the main hospital told Reuters by telephone.

“No less than 45 people were killed. I’ve never seen such a thing in my life,” said the doctor, who refused to be named because he said he feared for his life.

How many such events have occurred in Iraq in four years of occupation, things that would forever be seared in the American psyche like, say, Columbine or Waco? At least one or two a week, wouldn't you say?

That would be between 200 and 400 Columbines and Wacos since the Glorious War began. Maybe I'm wrong, and it's 100.

Whatever it is, it's quite an achievement for the GOP.

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