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Hmong Farmers ORGANIZE

From UNITYLab:

Thao, executive director of National Hmong American Farmers, immigrated to Fresno, CA with his family at age 8, after Laotian citizens were granted asylum in the US after the Vietnam war. Many of the first Hmong farmers suffered from discrimination, so Thao left his "cushy" job at the city of Fresno to ORGANIZE his community in a fight against injustice.

Using the experiences of community members, Thao has grown NHAF to promote economic development, training and assistance to create positive social change in his community.

To learn more about Thao and the power of ORGANIZE, visit

And take some time to check out the National Hmong American Farmers website. From their front page:

NHAF's Activities

One-stop resource training center for small farmers in the Central Valley.

Work with groups with different ethnic backgrounds, including Hmong, Lao, Minh, Latino, African-Americans, Armenian and others.

Provide technical assistance and training topics such as soil management, soil preparation, pesticide health, safety, reading pesticide labels, record keeping, tractor driving, and farm product marketing.

Provide services to empower the small and minority farmers with correct information and resources to gain social and economic self-sufficiency.

Work with other entities to provide a healthier environmental impact among small farmers.


Recent News

NHAF is blazing new trails with their Farm to School program; selling locally grown Asian, Latino and American products to increase a healthier option for parents and students.

h/t @NYFarmer

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