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White House blog as Ministry of Truth: Administration begins effort to rewrite history of health insurance reform

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The White House blog has a very imaginative history of the beginnings of the process of their health care reform effort. It particularly misrepresents the house parties. I hope Kip Sullivan and others will deconstruct this. I especially invite Corrente readers to have at it.

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And so in December 2008, we invited Americans across the country to host and participate in Health Care Community Discussions to talk about the problems they faced with the health care system and proposed solutions. Over 9,000 Americans in all 50 states and the District of Columbia signed up during the holiday season to host a Health Care Community Discussion, coming from every walk of life – patients, doctors, nurses, religious leaders, first responders, and small business owners. Robert from Indiana explained, “Our neighbors include a broad and diverse cross-section of America. Within a few miles we have steel mills, inner cities, suburbs, and farms...Our event will demonstrate…the level of understanding among Americans regarding the need for access [to health care] by all Americans, and ideas for achieving that goal.” Elizabeth from South Carolina noted that her discussion would “show everyone that even the true middle class is really struggling with this issue.” Across the country, over 30,000 friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers gathered in homes, offices, coffee shops, fire houses, universities, and community centers to discuss reforming our health care system.

I've got to get back to work, but man, they really don't do well when they try to sound like Old Democrats, do they? Sounds like it came through a Newspeak processing machine.

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and why? (And 9000 isn't very many, is it?)

Oh, and it's not even especially literate:

... to talk about the problems they faced with the health care system and proposed solutions. ...

Not clear whether "proposed solutions" is something they "talk about" or another "problem they faced." As things turned out, I think we know the answer, but I'm not sure that's what the writer intended.

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a few links off the top of my head:

Report of Health Care Community Discussions

Dr. Oliver Fein reports on the White House health summit

Really, Mr. President

the above link had this to say about the dec community meetings (links in the original):

Back in December the Obama-Biden transition team organized thousands of “Health Care Community Discussions.” The President-elect (with Tom Daschle) issued a call for “health care reform that comes from the ground up.”

As the community meetings occurred, PNHP received a flood of reports from participants that single payer was the unanimous recommendation from hundreds of gatherings. The official report confirmed that single-payer reform was discussed by 27% of 3,276 house parties (at least 884 meetings) and admitted that “the majority of those groups supported this idea.”

This support came in spite of the fact that participants and moderators were instructed to follow a script that appeared custom-tailored to keep single payer out of the discussion. The official instructions offered reform based upon employer-sponsored health insurance as the only option:

“In addition to employer-based coverage, would the group like the option to purchase a private plan through an insurance-exchange or a public plan like Medicare?”

Even so, more than 1 of 4 meetings proposed that a single publicly financed national health program was the answer to the American health care crisis.

The transition team report blamed the popularity of single payer on “encouragement by advocacy groups,” characterized the proposal as “radical change” and devoted about one solitary page in a 122-page document, enough to dismiss single payer proposal and its advocates. So much for health reform that comes from the ground up.

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cowards need to put a comment thread on that blog.