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Hils vs. Rudy?? Who Cares? It’s Never Gonna Happen.

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This Time/CNN poll does not surprise me one bit. It is nothing more than a popularity contest between a popular Republican and an unpopular Democrat. WTF?? Despite what the Bushbots and Viagra swillers will make of it, there is no good news here for Republicans. This has absolutely nothing to do with the real mood of the nation. In the end, it won’t make a dime's worth of difference anyway, because Hillary is definitely not going to be the Democratic nominee and Rudy is probably not going to be the Republican nominee. Mark this down: As South Carolina goes, so go the nominations. After Hillary comes in third (or fourth) in Iowa and New Hampshire, Obama, Edwards and others (Richardson, Gore, Clark?) will finish her off in South Carolina. The Bob Jones crowd will run Guliani out of town on a rail (like the Rovians did to McCain in 2000.) So go ahead, MSM, keep on polling, pontificating, huffing, puffing and whatever else make you feel important. I would bet the farm (if I had one, which I don't) that you won't get it right.

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Onealbear, you have it right on the money. And the funny (not the good kind) thing of it is that the media people all admit the truth with their mouths--that at this stage of the game these polls are nothing but name recognition--and yet they don't dare reflect this in their behavior.

A poll is a poll, of course of course, and they are all equally valid, equally meaningful, and most important, equally newsworthy when there is airtime to fill up.

The most funniest thing was a couple of weeks ago when they drummed up a poll claiming that "79 [or some equally improbably figure] percent of the American people say they are 'closely following political developments' even at this early stage of the race. Isn't that amazing, Ted?" etc. fill in names as required for your favorite newstouter.

Of course if somebody traps you in a corner at gunpoint and makes you fill out a poll on anything, admitting that you would sooner pay attention to a festered hair on the buttock of a frozen mastodon than think about the political crapfest this early would be like confessing to atheism, alcoholism and active pedophilia. So you say "Oh of course, I am a patriotic American, I follow this subject closely" and then when they ask who you like you rattle off the first name you can think of.

Hell, the guy who was out to install my new satellite dish about a month ago is my Exhibit A. He saw some old yard signs that had blown out of the burning barrel in the back yard and thereby found out we were into politics so endeavored to make conversation on the subject.

When asked his preferences at the presidential level he claimed that he was torn between Al Gore and Rudy Guliani. Even claimed to know Gore personally, or at least have met him a few times, which around here is not all that implausible--but Al or Rudy? C'mon.

I did my damndest not to snicker openly and changed the subject to sports.