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Hillary is costing people jobs!

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First NAFTA (never mind that she opposed it), and now this:

I'm in receipt of this letter from Micah Qualls, who says she lost her job today (Friday) at a business at the Little Rock airport for holding a Hillary Clinton sign in sight of where John McCain's plane landed. By her account, the sign drew the attention of Mike Huckabee, who complained to her boss. Huckabee, on Friday night, and the boss, in an interview Saturday, disputed her account.

Click through to read the whole story, updated with various claims and counterclaims about Huckabee's involvement.

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I started Netflix recently and have been catching up on the Sopranos. In season 3, Tony gets a ticket from a cop and he complains to his Assemblyman buddy to get the ticket removed and the guy loses his job and is prevented from getting overtime.