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Hillary Clinton is popular

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Two years out, poll shows Hillary Clinton’s the 2016 favorite

WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton has a comfortable lead among Democrats for the 2016 presidential nomination, while the Republican race remains a free-for-all, according to a new McClatchy-Marist poll.

Clinton was the top choice of 64 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents. She showed strong appeal among virtually every demographic and political group.

Voters think that she can bring back the prosperity of the 1990's. Anyone who wants to beat her will have to come up with a strategy to show why that is not so.

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Submitted by Barmitt O'Bamney on

I guess that clinches it: we deserve all the bad shit that happens to us. We elected Reagan twice. We elected Bill Clinton twice, We elected George W. Bush at least once, with a quibble on the first time. Even if he wasn't lawfully elected to his first term, US voters completely blew their chance to get rid of him in 2004. Then to confirm our record of horrific judgment, we elected Barack Obama twice. And now you tell me Hillary Clinton is "popular". Well, it's obvious we love our punishment, and so there's nothing to look forward to but more of the same.

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...and may I second your sentiments.
It is said we get that which we want; the problem is, we rarely understand that which we want...

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Certainly not for Hillary. It's Very likely she will run against either Romney or Nebraska's American Enterprise Institute's "outsider" Ben Sasse:

The Outsider: Leaving the influence-peddlers behind

I surely would vote if we had simple score voting with decentralized hand counts. Which I mentioned here:

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Thanks for the Ben Sasse link. That's a high quality confidence man right there. A pity Nebraska has so few electoral votes, a tough place to mount a national campaign from. He'd better land himself a VP nomination ASAP, or being in DC too long will show him up for the four-flusher he probably is. (Not knowing him at all, I leave some wiggle room for the remote possibility that he's remarkably deluded.)

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...mistake; too much exposure with subsequent burnout of the voters.
There is a backlash already building, supposedly, among rich liberals who accuse her of trying to lock up the race before it starts.
Frankly, if she wins, I'm volunteering for Musk's first Mars colony. Scotty?????

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Backlash amongst rich liberals? They are capable of finding someone worse. Speaking only for myself, I expect to be voting for whoever DC Statehood/Green Party endorses.