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Hill, Tom and the DLC Crew Speak

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I'm not going to post much from it, as I'd rather not bore my readers to tears, but it is worth at least a cursory review. The part that caught my eye:

•Cutting Unnecessary Federal Consultants by 100,000. The number of
federal consultants and contractors has exploded to more than 5 million.
Cutting 100,000 unnecessary federal consultants and contractors would save
$50 billion over 10 years that could go toward more opportunity and less

5 million? Clearly, I'm doing something wrong...but my employment situation aside, I can't find anything in it about ending Bush's tax cuts to the wealthy or ending the war, but as Scott says, it's nice to see the DLC folks working with The Center for American Progress and the NDN, instead of kicking them, for a change.

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