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Hilbama pander to the "God hates fags" crowd

Mark Penn's triangular client I can understand, but Obama? TPM:

The Obama campaign is coming under fire for staging a campaign gospel tour that includes gospel singer Donnie McClurkin, an antigay crusader who has railed against "the curse of homosexuality."

We contacted the Obama campaign for comment on this early this afternoon, asking whether it would disavow his remarks. As of this evening, the Obama campaign had yet to comment. We'll bring you their statement if they do say something.

Obama backers point out that Rev. Dr. Harold Mayberry, whose support Hillary has sought, has preached against homosexuality to his San Francisco congregation.

What's really going on here?

Partly, of course, Hilbama are reaching out to bigoted Christianists; no surprise, here.

More importantly, I think Hilbama are pandering to the deeply closeted Village crowd of political consultants and operatives, who, because they hate themselves, think that America does. In fact, America has long-since moved on.

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Submitted by leah on

This kind of analysis can begin to get unreal.

Obama has released a very strong statement reasserting his long record on being for gay rights, and pointing out his own willingness to take on gay bashing and homophobia in sectors of the black community.

It's up at TPM. They do ask the question if he is going to cancel his appearance at the event, but frankly, I don't see why that is even a good idea. Let him go and talk about gay and lesbian issues.

And what Hillary has to do with this, I don't know.

I think the triangulation meme is a fairly useless one; it was a word and an idea thought up by Dick Morris, who claimed much more for it and its and his influence on the Clinton administration than anyone could possibly believe he had.

I do have the same problems as you do with Hillary's lack of a bold vision, with the way she hedges certain of her bets; I wish to hell she wasn't running, and I'm becoming increasingly convinced that she may not be that electable after all. But let's no attack her with a favorite work/concept straight out of the right-wing and SCLM playbook.

Obama does have a good record on gay rights, and he speaks eloquently about it. I always feel that it's a weaker position to boycott someone you disagree with than to engage with those of his ideas you don't agree with.

Submitted by lambert on

If they must reach out to the Christianist community, surely they can do better than this?

I don't care about strongly worded statements, any more than I care about strongly worded letters from Congress. Obama shouldn't be on the road with the guy. How about a Sister Souljah moment in reverse, for once in our lives?

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well i do agree with the boycott.and boycott you will be .i also remember a jim jones who sounded off just as you .guess what happend?you are just another pathetic menu bible thumper and you will run out of gas.