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Life's a blank at the NRCC


Again, just saying.

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i wonder if that's on purpose, or just because they really don't give a shit about the Little Rubes who surf their websites thinking that their opinions of what is (not) found there plays any role in republican policy formation.

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dems to have any time for silly little things like issues.
Also, they're waiting for republican voters to tell them what they are. This is the first thing I got when I linked to the website under Issues:

With the beginning of the 111th Congress we are interested in learning what issues you are most concerned about. Please take a moment to participate in our survey to let us know what issue concerns you the most. Thank you.

Didn't the NRCC recently claim at this site that the economy was robust and jobs plentiful?


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Last week it said the economy is just humming along thanks to their hero and mentor, G. W. Bush. I guess they are lost without him?

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yes, i think your formulation is much better than mine. they don't care because they're actually busy being effective opposition. that must be nice for republicans.