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You Are Losing Me, Kossacks

I found your hard work so inspiring. I found your continual contributions so encouraging. I also saw that you were getting wrapped up in rhetoric and ideas and not paying attention to the facts.

Still, I have stood back and watched as you have taken every opportunity to attack a President for behaving in the ways he told us he would behave as our [sic] candidate. ...

Please stop pretending we elected the President to do anything other than what he told us he would do if we elected him.


Of course, what the poster wants support for is more troops for Afghanistan... But then Obama campaigned on that, didn't he?

NOTE Not that ending the empire, or stopping any of our wars, was really on offer from any candidates except Kucinich and Ron Paul. But, for some reason, that didn't seem really clear to the OFB at the time. Sow what ye reap... Via BTD.

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