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Austin-American Statesman:

But an increasingly nasty lawsuit against the DNC, brought by Donald Hitchcock after he was fired as the party’s gay and lesbian outreach director, has exposed the rift between gays and one of the party’s most important constituencies, African Americans.

DNC Chairman Howard Dean describes the rift in his deposition in the lawsuit, a portion of which was just recently posted on YouTube and is causing more than a little political heartburn as the party prepares to nominate Barack Obama as its first African American for president.

In the video, Dean describes how he has tried to be a peacemaker between gays and lesbians and prominent African American leaders, led by onetime Gore campaign manager Donna Brazile, who had objected to goals and timetables for gay and lesbian delegates to the party’s national convention.

“I wanted equal representation for gay and lesbian Americans, and I wanted to achieve it in a way that wasn’t offensive to the history of the civil rights movement,” Dean says in the deposition, which was videotaped in March but only made public a week ago.

Howard Dean's deposition:

5:00 Black caucus took no position; Donna Brazile against goals and timetables.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

if they obsess over it, if they are the strongest opponents of it, if they stick their noses in a process to normalize or regulate it, it's because they are doing it.

nuff said, other than "enjoy that closet, donna!"

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Submitted by badger on

to be good enough to be a Democrat nowadays? And how flexible does your belief system have to be?

Whatever the requirements are, I don't believe I qualify.

At least I hope not.

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to get this guy elected? Every compromise is because "the party must do it to get Barack elected". So who are we again? What do we stand for?

I wish they could be so laser focused on progressive issues as they are about their Hillary hatred. They don't walk that back one little baby step. Quite the opposite - the O team gleefully stomp marches back and forth over the dead enders and their hero.

Yes, I turned a topic about Donna and Dean's lame ass position on gays into an O criticism. It's all connected and the core is the corruption we've all witnessed during the primary.

And Hi Donna! Next time your in SF, let me take you out to the Lexington for Double Pint Dyke night.

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they threw us under the bus years ago, and firing that guy was just another f-you to us.

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Draft Dem Platform Opposes DOMA, But Weakens Language on LGBT Families --

"... But in the current draft, the reference to LGBT families has been made less direct than it was in the 2004 platform, and no comprehensive national strategy on combating HIV/AIDS is spelled out. ...
One conspicuous watering down from the 2004 platform is on the issue of LGBT families. Four years ago, the platform read, "We support full inclusion of gay and lesbian families in the life of our nation and seek equal responsibilities, benefits, and protections for these families." The new language instead says, "We support full inclusion of all families in the life of our nation and seek equal responsibily, benefits, and protections." It is not clear what motivated this softening in language, but the shift comes in a platform that includes no references to specific LGBT family concerns, such as partnership protections, adoption, and parity in government programs like Social Security.

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Submitted by corinne on

I strongly object to the video appearing on this page. This was clearly leaked from the plaintiffs in an effort to ridicule Dean.

I'm betting there is a court order being violated here as well.

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Submitted by corinne on

Dean did not testify in public.

Videotaping someone's deposition is no different than having a court stenographer in the room. There are specific rules surrounding a deposition and the posting of the video here and elsewhere is wrong.

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A perfectly fine newspaper, as newspapers go these days. If Dean has an issue with it, I'm sure we'll hear about it.

[ ] Very tepidly voting for Obama [ ] ?????. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by herb the verb on

They may have been wrongly leaked, but it isn't "wrong" of the Austin Statesman or Lambert to post it here after it has been leaked anymore than the Pentagon Papers could be "unprinted".

You can't put this genie back in the bottle. Sorry.


Around these parts we call cucumber slices circle bites

Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on

if you watch it, you will note that there are a couple of points where stuff is expurgated for confidentiality reasons at the DNC's request.

And hell, IMHO, the release of the video, even if it wasn't authorized, is newsworthy and appropriate. I mean, here you have the chair of the DNC saying that it would be insulting to the civil rights movement to include GLBTs in rule 6. And you have Dean saying that not only did Brazile not want LGBTs included in Rule 6, she wanted NO recognition of LGBTs in the rules.

My question is this... if Shays had offered an amendment to strip the words "African American" from Rule 6, and Brazile insisted upon including it, would Dean have tried to "mediate" the disagreement, and insist that it was okay to just have "goals" with no mandatory penalties?

Ahd does anyone here believe that Dean could engineer a compromise on the issue, and NOT know whether there were mandatory penalties or not if "goals" aren't reached?

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Submitted by corinne on

Delete the video.

This is the most irresponsible group think I have seen to date. The rationalizations here are breathtaking.

Paul: The video was most certainly not edited for public consumption. It is not newsworthy while there is a case currently being adjudicated. Your head is filled with unproven conspiracy theories.

Herb the Verb: The verb here is "leaked." Take a refresher course in grammar.


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There shouldn't be any legal or ethical issue with posting the sworn (and therefore the presumably truthful) testimony of the DNC chairman regarding his official duties.

While there might be consequences for leaking the video, once it hit the blogosphere it became fair game.

And as Democrats we are arguably interested parties.

BTW - "Unproven conspiracy theory" is redundant. And if you think we're irresponsible, go check out No Quarter.

“But hysteria is all the rage these days, I guess” - gqm

Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on

why was it expurgated?

This is not grand jury testimony, which is necessarily secret. This involves a lawsuit, and is part of establishing the facts in the case.

The DNC tried to get the leaks of the videos and transcripts from the discovery process stopped, and the judge refused to do so, because both sides in the case have been leaking damaging information.

Why are you so bothered by the fact that the Democratic Party's tolerance of homophobia is being exposed here?

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

RL and all that. i hope you can understand. also: i have very little personal investment in any of whatever controversy is pissing you off here. would you care to present a clear, short synopsis of why you think the video should be removed? thank you in advance. links, as always, are very helpful.

Submitted by ohio on

corinne's argument is simple: the video is not in the public domain as the lawsuit is ongoing and won't be part of the public record until a judge says so. She hazards that it was edited and uploaded to youtube to humiliate the DNC amd esp. Howard Dean.

This is just a cynical attempt to sway public opinion. Me, I think the public opinion was way swayed before this little piece of joy came out. Regardless, everyone, maybe especially the very worst and the most cynical of us, deserves a fair and impartial go in court, so for the sake of respecting the process, please take the video down.

Surely there's plenty of other crap we can point at and laugh about regarding Dr. Gov. Chair Dean and his apparatchiks.

I am taking the high road here, which is unfamiliar and itchy. Ack. How do all those Good People do it? I am going back to the gutter. (And I'm pretty sure there's a good low road argument for taking this video down, too, but I am going to leave that alone.)

I got plenty of opinions about the civil rights of queers being trashed, but I don't need leaked stuff to get mad about it. I mean, goddamit, we fucking don't even count to the DNC anymore, though of course, we're welcome to send our damn money. I am so angry, so angry, so angry.

I need to go split some firewood rounds.