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Hey, I'm sorry if Research 2000 scammed The Obama 527 Formerly Known as Daily Kos....

... but isn't being, like, so totally über-savvy the reason these guys keep their access?

So how'd they get scammed?

Just asking.

I mean, these guys are "pros," right? People with the time and the expertise to do things that mere amateur bloggers can't do? These guys are charging for their expertise and readership, so aren't they doing due diligence on the content they're shilling for?

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There's nothing like getting the answer you want, right?

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only some have the courage to sue. most of the time organizations want to cover that up, so they switch vendors and keep their mouth shut. Kos is doing something truly splendid. There are times when it is useful to have a big shot access blogger, this is one of those times.

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No, not really. Because when your primary purpose is to peddle excrement and prolong the Legacy Party two-step, accidental good steps are not deserving of praise.

Maybe its because I saw how bad DailyKos was back in 2005-2006 I lack any intellectual or emotional attachment to them, but I view their existence and power as part of the largern national problems facing this country and the world. They are not on *my* side, nor are they on the side of most Americans. Their harming of the country and the world will get no sympathy from me.

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Nobody noticed. This all comes as a very big shock, you know.

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Over the past year, these r2k polls have been used to:

- raise funds for PO advocacy -- all of those "boldprogressive" PCCC campaigns.
- push the Halter challenge
- promote "American Taliban" -- where kos commissioned a very large r2k poll to bolster his "Look Over There! Sarah Palin!" tome.

For well over 1 1/2 yrs, the approval nrs posted at the site were a tad, shall we say, optimistic. I find it almost incredible that it would take so long to question the results, esp when relying on this pollster to market product. Seems a little convenient to me that all was ok while the polls were serving their purpose.

Now the PO campaign is over, Halter lost, and hmm, the SC "Taliban" rallied around an Indian-American woman and rejected Thurmond's progeny in favor of an African American.

So now the finger-pointing. I don't take issue w/ the work performed by the three who volunteered to look at the data. However, accusations of fraud coupled with disclaimers like "haven't looked at all of the data yet" don't sit well with me. It should have been handled more professionally, meaning a thorough vetting by researchers w/ polling experience and w/o a financial or directly competitive interest in the matter.

February of this year, dkos, 538, all of those sites made a Big Deal about the "Republicans are Backwards Creeps" r2k Mega-Poll commissioned by dkos. You know, stereotypes hurt people. It's ugly. For that reason alone, if I were kos, I would have handled this matter w/ the strictest professionalism -- because if he is correct and r2k simply faked data to give him what they think he wanted, there was a grave injustice here.

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actually, i think the poll youre referring to is the favorability rating, as opposed to the approval rating. For some reason, that's the poll that Kos used on the front page, even though I think its the less common poll to use. I think the favorability rating always tends to be higher.