If you have "no place to go," come here!

Hey, if we all chip in, maybe we can buy retroactive immunity for ourselves!

I'm seeing a Wyden-Whitehouse-Bond-Rockefeller lovefest and in true Bipartisan fashion consensus is finally taking shape that:

1. The good guys get: American travels overseas they have the same rights there that they do here.

The assholes will get, I'm betting, in exchange:

2. Retroactive immunity.

Just one question:

Why are we even passing laws if corporations can just buy their way out of them?

Maybe we could chip in, and get retroactive immunity for ourselves. Of course, we're poor, and we might not be able to get away with very much, but every little bit helps! Traffic violations? RIAA stuff? Why not?

NOTE Harry, Nancy, nice work passing the August abomination that got us into this mess. I'm proud of you!

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Submitted by intranets on

all them old grumpy people on the TV sayz that only bad people are being spied upon. Sen. Rich Old White Guy sez that they only spy on people they know are trrists and only when they travel overseas, so I guess it must be okay.

Thanks guys, but I'm still wondering why there is blanket immunity if there isn't big massive illegal net of warrantless dragnet covering all phone calls? Can you send a lobbyist to my house to 'splain it to me.

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Submitted by vastleft on

I propose that the telecoms get immunity if and only if those who asked them to commit the illegal acts confess in a court of law.

Since obviously the government did incite the telecoms to break the law, and since the government is deeply invested in protecting the telecoms, shouldn't the government officials involved fall on their swords and own up to the wrongdoing that put the poor telecoms on the hot seat?

That's what an honorable person would do, right? So why isn't that happening?

It must be for want of such a deal....