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"Herr Hitler: At Home in the Clouds" (New York Times Magazine, 8/28/1939)

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Simpson, Hedwig Maurer, "Herr Hitler: At Home in the Clouds." The New York Times [Magazine] Aug 20, 1939; p. SM3

Highlights available here. "Larchwood shingles, which are just taking on a pleasant weathering". . . . If nothing else, NYTMag writers breed true.

H/t for fact of pieces's existence to Fabius Maximus who tweeted out Charlotte Hsu's piece at NY State-Buffalo news site on on a forthcoming book "Hitler at Home" by Despina Stratigakos.

For whatever reason, tho', piece didn't include image of actual article, a deficiency Corrente readers won't have to suffer from.

The late great Alexander Cockburn would not have been surprised.

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...your post is this; I can't quite figure out your point.
Hitler bad; everything else good?
So, just what is your point?
Given the complicity of corporate America with Hitlers's Germany; just what are you talking about?

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Narrower point that current power&real estate worshipping NYTMag of an older vintage than people think (or that I thought). Plus I find loving details such as "unstained sanded deal wainscotting" hilarious when published about Hitler's house three days before outbreak of WW2.
Original storify somehow didn't come through: copying out link:

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Thanks for that additional link. Very interesting actually.
It is likewise interesting to note that with the present (and recently past) behavior of the U.S.; I've gotten a whole new perspective on history; especially WWII (both fronts).
I've recently watched the Nuremberg Trials with new eyes.

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Submitted by claud_alexander on seamier side of US-Germany post-1945, I hear good things about this book, .

The story that for me is begging to be written is about this Reinhard Gehlen guy.

Reading between the lines of recent German historiography (they have to be careful, not least because guy founder of West German secret police), he seems to have been wildly overrated as an intelligence analyst of the Eastern Front (his thing was vaguely worded predictions covering all fronts, so he could always point out he wasn't fooled--missed Bagration pretty conclusively, though), then sold himself Hans Landa-like to the Americans by offering access to his "network" of left-behind colabo types in Eastern Block, most of them either "turned" or dead by the time the Americans bought the franchise. It's a great con-man story if nothing else.

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Yes, I'm quite familiar with Op Paperclip; in fact I'd met Willy Ley (German rocket scientist) while a member of the American Rocket Society; and got to ask him a question.
Of course, I had no idea of Op Paperclip at that time.
Now, Gehlen is indeed a very interesting guy, of whom I'd never heard. Thanks for that link.