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Heroes are easy to find

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Today's mass e-mail from Tim Kaine, sent by, is titled — I shit you not — "Heroes under attack."

It starts:

We need to act.

On Sunday night, many Congressional Democrats in tough districts cast courageous votes for health reform -- even though they knew that insurance companies and their Republican allies would retaliate immediately.

Well, the attacks are here. Shameful, negative ads have already hit the airwaves. Democratic offices have been vandalized. Republicans are promising to repeal reform and smearing those who supported it.

But we're ready to do what it takes to defend the heroes who made health reform possible.

Move over Martin Luther King and Gandhi, and make way for every corrupt SOB who conscripted Americans into buying junk insurance.

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Submitted by jawbone on

How long will it take for the actual beneficiaries of this bill to become known?

The MCM, well public radio being what I listen to with a dollop of WBAI, for the most part is playing the roll of fluffer for Obama and his bill. It's all good, folks! Believe us! Those niggling problems? They can be fixed! Sebelius can try to fix them!

Feel the love!

Submitted by Anne on

lists and stopped giving them money; it's why I started cutting up the constant appeals for money and sending them back on their dime. It's why I refuse to be constrained by whatever the multiple choices are on the surveys send out by the various Democratic organizations like the DNC, DSCC and DCCC, and provide my opinion in the strongest terms possible; I'm sure they think I am a raving lunatic, and even if they throw it out because they can't quantify by comments, I made them spend their money for me to mail it to them.

The danger of hyperbole - calling the Democrats who voted "yes" on the legislation "heroes" - is that it lessens the pressure - and the impetus - for additional change, and it has such great potential to come back to bite them.

What these people did was not heroic, at least not as I define the term; how much heroism and courage is evinced by those who could not stand up to the special interests, could not place the well-being of the people they allegedly serve ahead of their own interests, and could not stand up to their president?

Yes, there are some good things in the legislation, but we all know those could have and should have been addressed on their own; I would not have had a problem applauding such a move, but to package them as the spoonful of suger designed to make the medicine go down was cowardly and small.

Imagine that.

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Submitted by MoveThatBus on

would be included via EO when they voted YAY. The only "heroes" are the D's who voted AGAINST the bill.

Why didn't they just include the wording right in the bill since they were clearly all in favor of it?

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

I see it everywhere and I don't even watch the news or read much MSM news sites. Its on mailing lists I somehow keep getting on (or forwarded)--How many times do I have to get off of Darcy Burner's freakin' list. Its on Facebook. Everywhere.