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Hero dog saves Caroline Kennedy from tasering by Israeli cop

There. That's all the permathreads in one. Discuss.

Sorry to go meta. Snarl.

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Before my upcoming Taser post, which actually is dominantly about scientific methodology, data interpretation and media sensationalism as well as the pitfalls of our academic imperative to publish, but not to worry; it should devolve into petty name-calling pretty quickly.

The health care one first, then. Not that I suppose it will be universally embraced, either.

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The health care one first, then. Not that I suppose it will be universally embraced, either.

Well, is it going to be another Google University special?

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i most admire.

all snark aside, i read [almost] every word you write and follow [almost] every one of your links. i find your style highly entertaining and i learn something every time you put fingers to keyboard. please don't stop. ;)

but yeah, based on some things you've said in the past, i'm guessing we won't exactly see eye-to-eye on either of these issues.

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If I were you, I'd stick to topic areas where lives aren't at stake.

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A post can be extremely valuable as a learning opportunity for readers on topics like rhetoric, argumentative tactics, and thread management. I'm simply recommending that you play to your strengths.

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... and identified them. Now, personally, I don't feel a need to study up on argumentative tactics and rhetoric -- not to mention sorting out the policy signal from the noise -- so, for me, opportunity costs. Others may value their time in a different way.

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...all around but damn I must've missed the dog post! :D

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Submitted by chicago dyke on mean the other kind. nevermind.

but i do agree with fish lovers and ocean people who say: don't eat octopus. PETA people i've met really freak me out, but octopi are like the dogs of the sea- intelligent, playful, adorable. please don't order them at the sushi restaurant, thanks.

/pets lambert, throws bone/

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Also, be sure to "pat dry" your octopus before tasering it, otherwise you'll short out the taser.

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figures prominently and profitably in Chinese "culture" and "medicine".

All such trade ought to be banned IMNVHO, whether such "infringement on human rights" is PC or not. I really do. not. give a thin flying damn about the belief systems that make it OK to kill or torture animals for "curative" extracts.

I'm not crazy about the belief systems that suggest I should prefer constant low-grade diarrhea, induced either by drugs (alli) or bacterial infections (activia) to not having it, either; but constant low-grade diarrhea makes you lose weight, and that makes doctors happy. So I guess you choose your authoritarian poison by whatever makes you happy.

(PS: PETA can go suck an egg, for all of me, and so can ELF and their cohort. I worked for years at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. The sleep research center cares better for the cats they learned about sleep from, even if they are running around with implanted datalinks, than many house pets I know. If you want to change the world, don't lie about research; and don't subject a fawn to being unable to escape a crate-size pen infested with fire ants. PETA soured me on their goals and reliability for life with that stunt.)

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There are so many things I hate about PETA. I'm all about animal rights and I'm a vegetarian and all that, but they're sexist and their director supports breed specific legislation. She even wrote a piece in a San Francisco paper about how horrible Pit Bulls are. Because that's really supporting animals and not putting the blame where it belongs: on horrible owners.