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Herding Cats is Hard Work!

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I used to think Dem on Dem violence was a bad thing. Now, not so much*.

In fact I think it is a very good thing to see Booman going all "Kevin Bacon in Animal House" with his "All is well!" exhortations. Unfortunately for Booman, everything is obviously NOT well.

But one of the cats Booman has trouble herding (using his own definition) is Booman himself:

From one of those posts (where he is right for all the wrong reasons in spanking equally atrocious and admittedly disingenuous Cenk Uygur):

Of course, Armando badly mischaracterized what I said because I didn't ask or tell anyone to leave the party**. But his view that "Left Blogs" should advocate policies they believe in and not pols or political parties is kind of beside the point when "Left Blogs" are bashing the president more as part of an Overton Window strategy than as a fair critique. What matters here is effectiveness and credibility. If you can get a public option by helping to convince Olympia Snowe, then pursue that. If Lieberman, pursue that. If Ben Nelson, pursue that. If Evan Bayh, pursue that. But if you instead call them all whores, attack their spouses, forbid Obama from making concessions to them, and accuse Obama of secretly agreeing with them, then I don't think you're going to get the outcome you want no matter how good it makes you feel.

So, what I think we really need to do is stop playing games and thinking we can outsmart the electorate. Be honest with your audiences. Be fair to the president and Congress (they are deserving enough of legitimate criticism). And remember why we got into this business.

I quoted alot more than necessary, because some of it is just so delicious it had to be read to be believed. I italicized what I particularly liked. First, note that he immediately assumes that anyone who attacks Obama and Democrats from the left are not fair and are dishonest ipso facto, just playing games. Nice. Second, he lays down who is acceptable for even pursuing, and then the only acceptable method to "pursue" that lucky few is to convince them! Have pity Me Lords! Third, he talks about outsmarting "electorates", as if the electorate wasn't already smarter than Booman, and realizes that they are getting the shaft (again) and it is now the Demcrat's foot on their face. Fourth, we must be fair to the president and Congress, obviously since they are so fair and truthful with us? Fifth, "remember why we got into this business", where a) well, it's good to acknowledge it's a business for you (and for all you address), and b) Uh, why was that again?

But getting back to how hard it is to heard cats (even at Booman's pay grade), there's this that Boohooman had written just a day earlier:

I'd be more tolerant of Blue Dogs (especially those in blood red districts) if they didn't lie in order to justify voting with the Republicans.

Wow, calling someone a liar, is that any way to "convince" them?

There is more astounding astoundingness there, but you get the picture: a target-rich environment.

* Oh to be compared to a PUMA site, teh deepest cut! Firedoglake, thy name is shame!

** Yeah, well, not in so many words, quote (emphasis mine):

if you don't have a plan for how your reinforcement of Republicans memes is going to help lead to better outcomes, you aren't really a Democrat anymore, and your activism can't necessarily be considered progressive even if uses progressive terms and angles. That's fine. No one is compelled to support the Democrats over the Republicans or to support policies they disagree with. But we should call this kind of blogging what it is, which is anti-Obama, and anti-Democratic Party...and anti-government, really.

Booman may not be able to tell you what a "progressive" is, but he knows it when he sees it!

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Spoken in the creepy voice from the Saw movies. But where to start?

Well here's Booman (but you would have already known that, given the typo/grammatical error to coherent thought ratio of approximately 0.0014)

"Make sure to deracialize [HAR!]it and tamp down the hate. Then looks at how the FDL pattern of argument and terms fit.

Polarization- binary argumentation
Ingroup/outgroup Thinking- "insiders" vs. "outsiders"
Slipperiness on Crucial Terms- Corporatists
Scapegoating the Out-Group- Rahm
Simple Solutions- or the lack thereof
Motivism- Obama
Rejection of the Notion of Reciprocally Binding Rules or Principles- the Uygur Principle
Personalizing of Criticisms- calling me a bottom-feeding troll, e.g., but more general of all her critics.[HAR!]
Apocalyptic, Eschatalogical Metanarrative- the country is going to shit if x,y,z (my demands) are not met immediately.
Denial of responsibility for situation- no acknowledgment of failed strategy [Har!]*


And here is Tarheel Dem:

" the real firestorm started when Jane called on the Susan Komen Foundation to fire Hadassah Lieberman from her job as a funds developer because Hadassah Lieberman had been employed at a lobbying shop that was representing several healthcare and insurance companies. And followed up by calling out Lanny Davis on Ed Schultz's show -- "Who's paying you, Lanny?" Davis reminded folks of a graphic of Lieberman in blackface that FDL had done during the Lamont campaign -- intending to argue that Lieberman was pandering to blacks not supporting their agenda. Blacks in the left blogosphere, as expected, went nuts."

Tee hee. This "blogwar" thingy is really fun! Ha ha! Only serious......

*No link even needed here, Hail Hydra!

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Hamsher's "Gonna Shake that Man Right Outta My Hair" Primarez , "my blog traffic es mas macho que sus" Edition:

"We’re witnessing a deeply emotional response to that kind of critique among those who support party or a personality first. And the rationalizations necessary to justify that allegiance in the wake of the extreme corporatist assault on government represented by the health care bill sounds an odd note in the liberal blogosphere, which came of age developing an internal narrative in direct opposition to that (as Armando points out).

While I’m delighted with the new visitors and the vibrant conversation that’s happening at FDL, we’re not doing anything different than we’ve always done. As people emerge from the primary haze, they’re finding we’re right where we’ve always been – fighting for a progressive agenda regardless of who is in power."


Hmmm, maybe I should make this a post.....

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Goes to Obsessed:

"Are you actually still defending Obama after the healthcare debacle?

Seriously, dude. The 11-dimensional chess match was a nice fantasy, but Obama screwed us. "