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Help Tampa Bay Occupy find the viral parts of their police videos from Friday night

These are the raw videos from Occupy Tampa on Friday night; it's a party area they're in, but for whatever reason the Tampa Bay Police decided on a show of force. Occupy Tampa is busy getting ready for the convention, so they haven't had time to review the videos to see what, if anything, ought to go viral, but if you, dear readers, have time to do some viewing, and you find anything, maybe you could put which video and the time codes to slide in comments....

There are 11 videos in all. Not sure what the best way to handle this is, to make sure people don't just start at 1 and nobody gets to 11 where, after all, the knobs are....

Tampa Bay 1:

[swf file="files/tampa_1.flv"]

Tampa Bay 2:

[swf file="files/tampa_2.flv"]

Tampa Bay 3:

[swf file="files/tampa_3.flv"]

Tampa Bay 4:

[swf file="files/tampa_4.flv"]

Tampa Bay 5:

[swf file="files/tampa_5.flv"]

Tampa Bay 6:

[swf file="files/tampa_6.flv"]

Tampa Bay 7:

[swf file="files/tampa_7.flv"]

Tampa Bay 8:

[swf file="files/tampa_8.flv"]

Tampa Bay 9:

[swf file="files/tampa_9.flv"]

Tampa Bay 10:

[swf file="files/tampa_10.flv"]

Tampa Bay 11:

[swf file="files/tampa_11.flv"]

NOTE This is one example of something I'd like Corrente to be able to do more off: Archive, curate, distribute....

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