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Hello Corrente Readers

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I am starting my periodic blogging (ranting, posting, etc.) on this site following a long stint (Feb. 2009 – Jan. 2014) on The Moderate Voice ( (TMV). I heartily recommend TMV to Corrente readers. However my “way outside the Matrix” views will only appear from time to time here.

I started reading Corrente about a year ago, after being a regular reader of “Naked Capitalism” for more than 5 years. You can still read my 200 or so posts at TMV and they still have my brief biography. If you can “Google” me, I don’t have to repeat myself and work too hard.

I do not cross-post elsewhere in the blogosphere though a dozen were cited on and linked to other websites such as “Real Clear Politics.” I do not have my own blog and never plan to start one. I’m too lazy for that type of activity. Some might claim that I’m just a “moocher” who’s not interested in enriching the 1% criminal oligarchy as is the unstated obligation of the 99%.

I cannot assure Corrente readers of any specific schedule such as when I’ll post something on this site. I principally focus on politics, economics, MMT, and society in general, but I try to avoid strict partisan or ideological viewpoints. Readers will notice that I wander off the reservation and into left field on numerous occasions. Some my TMV posts were 2,000-plus-word tomes trying to link various ideas under the same umbrella.

I’m over 50 years of age, a non-practicing attorney, and currently pursuing a few new business enterprises. (I was involved in a number of successful and failed ventures over the past 25 years.) I also have a small family that requires my time, brain power, money and other life skills. I spent most of my life living in Ohio and Illinois, and I only moved to Arizona in 2006.

I do not comment on the posts of other writers and bloggers, though I have noticed that many readers on Corrente, Naked Capitalism and TMV make some excellent and thought-provoking comments. I do not engage in discussions or arguments with individuals who make comments on my posts, even though I read them and appreciate the work that went into those comments.

I wish to thank Lambert Strether for helping me to sign up. I hope he and the rest of the Corrente community cut me some slack for a few weeks before viciously and happily tearing into one of my future posts.

Respectfully Submitted by Marc Pascal from Phoenix, Arizona. You can reach directly me at

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Submitted by jo6pac on

I hope he and the rest of the Corrente community cut me some slack for a few weeks minutes.

The honeymoon is over so write something, Oh and welcome see you some time in the future;)

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Maybe "weeks" on a very rapidly revolving planet, wheee!!!