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From Partizane via Make Them Accountable.

Hey, come on! Where's your sense of humor?

NOTE But what's the great state of Kentucky got to do with any of this?

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Submitted by twandx on

I get it all except for those green things with black buttons on top. Are they ear muffs, vibrators, bumper cars or elve shoes? Or just something I've never seen before?

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Submitted by Gidget Commando on

That's the nicest explanation I've heard for kneepads yet. Bless your heart for trying to keep us out of the gutter. (Alas, the KY kinda gives it away. Betcha we don't even get a complimentary reach-around with each kit, though.)

Submitted by lambert on

... reacharounds are on back-order -- along with the Unity Pony.

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Submitted by amberglow on

earplugs are the only thing missing, i think... thanks!

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Submitted by Fredster on

the movie The Boys in the Band ?

Of course I didn't see it in the day but there was a character Harold who has a birthday party given by his gay friends (Harold's gay too) and one of his gifts was a set of bejeweled knee pads! ;-)

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Submitted by amberglow on

and Happy Pride, all! : >

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Submitted by jeqal on

Are women still allowed to vote?

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Submitted by BoGardiner on

Reminds me of those radio/TV ads you still hear sometimes, "Grab the wife and kids and head for [wherever]", with the default viewer presumed to be male.