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"I don't worry about that because I think we're putting together a coalition of Democrats, independents, even Republicans who are very much disappointed with the policies of the Bush administration and the approaches taken by the Republican candidates," Clinton told NBC. "In fact, we know that whomever is nominated by our party will be subjected to the same kind of withering attacks, but what is great is that those attacks are so old. It doesn't reflect what's happening in our country today."

Heh heh. Not that McCain himself is old, of course. No, no, indeed not.

Although it is true that the attacks are old. I saw an old, old chum, the ginned up "TravelGate" scandal, just the other day. Hadn't seen that one in years!

The battles of the 1990s will go away when the people who shoved them on us in the 1990s stop shoving them on us in the year 2008, and not before.

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The unity, in this scenario, comes from Repubs giving up the Bush ghost, instead of the progressive bickerers of the '60s and '90s crying uncle.