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Heaven Must Be Missing A Caffeinated Angel

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Jesus Christ, Patent Pending

Would it kill you to get me a cup of Italian Roast?


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i, the pagan anarchist, am actually going to side with the batshit crazy mormons on this one.

moroni [i always notice how it sounds like "moron" - it brings out the beavis & butthead in me] is a symbol of their religion. so, appropriating it for a corporate logo is kind of messed up - like appropriating mohammed to sell cheeseburgers. buddha has been appropriated for commercial purposes for centuries, all around the world, and his whole deal is about not giving a damn anyway, so that's not so much of a problem. but even wacky looney tunes who believe in religions i think are completely nuts deserve to be treated with a modicum of respect. well let me amend that; maybe not scientology. but i digress...

if you make fun of one religious icon you've got to make fun of all of them equally. i like the image you posted up at the front, for example. it raises the point: would people feel as comfortable with "jesus brand diapers" or something like that? [in seattle, we used to have Coffee Messiah but they went out of business, sadly.] for more perspective i recommend the cover to the first firewater album, "get off the cross...we need the wood for the fire", where jesus is smoking a cigarette and drinking an MGD.

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Surely this angel has some say in how his likeness is used? Or can we mortals act with impunity, and trademark all that is "sacred?" Many "White & Delightsome" Christians have asserted proprietary rights around patriotism, god, decency, etc. If they claim they are offended when somebody mocks them, is the mocker to desist his/her mockery?

Irreverance is, from where I levitate, the height of respect: As Terry Gilliam has stated numerous times "If you can't make fun of it you can't treat it seriously." Now, having noted that, I do draw my own lines that others may trespass, but its my abstract boundary, not theirs. But trademarking angels? Heaven forfend!

p.s. The joke doesn't work with Buddha, because as r@d@r notes "...his whole deal is not giving a damn anyway..."--a rather glib summary, but so be it.


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there is no 'special' privilege for religious iconography. as was said in the piece, produce trademark proof, and they will desist. oh, what's that? you can't trademark a religious icon? well, that's really too bad...i mean, i thought organized religions already were corporations! so glad to hear they're not.

one of the core values contained in the first amendment: mocking religion. it's a t-shirt, and no churches were burned in the making. moron-worshippers are 'protected,' just fine.