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Health insurance tax break for employees to be gutted?

A trial balloon "on the table":

The idea isn't to just raise revenue, economists say, but finally to turn Americans into frugal health care consumers by having them face the full costs of their medical decisions.

Funny, isn't it, how "full costs" never includes the $350 billion a year we spend on the health insurance parasites.

NOTE Yes, compared to single payer or a national health service, the tax break for health insurance is awful, especially since the tax break funds the health insurance parasites. But Obamacare funds the same parasites, and their aren't any controls on the delivery side. So any savings are going to come out of the care side, i.e. from us. Dieback time!

UPDATE The problem with "deficit terrorists" is that it just isn't vivid enough. I was thinking of "Pete the Ripper" or "Barry the Ripper," except the latter conflicts the The Big O's undeserved reputation for weakness (and now do you see how utterly destructive that framing is?)