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Health care rally action alert, Saratoga Springs, NY

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August 21, Saratoga Springs: Health care rally for Capital District

Date : 21 August 2008 From : 11:00am To : 12:00pm
Category : Health / Care Location : 12866

Event Description :

A new coalition of groups called Health Care for America Now! (HCAN) is holding a rally outside the Saratoga Springs Hospital.

From Citizen Action of NY: "Join Citizen Action and HCAN and urge Congress not to gamble with our health care future, and stand up on the side of universal, affordable health care for all. Fight for a health care system in America that works for all of us. A national report is being released finding that 4 featured New York insurers made over a half-billion in profits in 2007. We hope that you will join our new national coalition: 'Health Care for America Now!'"

The Health Care for America Now! platform is outlined here:

Sidewalk Outside Emergency Room
Saratoga Springs Hospital
211 Church Street
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Always be positive with dealing with our coalition partners, HCAN. However wrong they are, they will be part of any winning coalition.

If you are able to attend this, please post about your experience.

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Submitted by Monkeyfister on

If you've not heard of Mr. Kunstler,

He does a podcast, and folks can call-in comments for future shows:
Phone: (866)924-9499

If he's in town, I'd bet he'd be a great person to have in attendance.

UPDATE-- I called the Kunstlercast hotline (it's obviously a straight line to Duncan Crary, host/producer's home), and gave him the the date, time, HCAN information, and location. Crary lives in or near Saratoga Springs as well.

Mr. Kunstler speaks of his inability to get affordable, and decent healthcare for his mother in NYC, so he moved her to Saratoga Springs, in part one of the "One City Block" podcasts. I hope that he does attend the rally. I think his presence would really add to the event, and maybe help provide more visibility to the movement.

Keeping the single-payer issue right out front at Corrente is a wonderful thing. Keep it up-- it's something America desperately needs.


Submitted by lambert on

... was the greatest misallocation of resources in the history of the world." Kunstler sounds like my kind of guy. I wonder if we could get him to guest post.

Excellent catch, monkeyfister!

[ ] Very tepidly voting for Obama [ ] ?????. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by leah on

As you know, I think this is exactly the right approach - to recognize that HCAN are allies.

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Submitted by leah on

Thanks, especially that you acted on your idea.

Kunstler, in addition to his own website, writes often for the magazine, Orion, which is also online; it's essentially an environmental magazine, by first-rate writers, and Kunstler has a lot of pieces in their archives.

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Submitted by Monkeyfister on

He specifically posts to the internet for mass consumption. I tend to quote lots of his Monday essays, and leave a Read more link to get the rest at his place. He's never complained, and I've always made him aware of when I felt I snagged too much for decorum.

He's a really affable and smart and decent man, who is one of the pioneers of the "Urban Plan" that Duncan's Crary and Black espouse, and encouraging bit by bit.

Here's a great opportunity for Corrente to make contact. I think that SPECIALS from him would be very well received.

BTW-- There is LOTS more Kunstler words, audio and video at

If I need to send Lambert a $100 bucks to get you on a bus and back, well let me know. Or DC Blogger.

I can do that right now, as fortune falls.

I ain't got much, but that is one cool thing that I'd love to do.

I strongly suggest that one check out his two recent Podcasts: "One City Block" Part One:

And Part Two:

Both regard the city center of Saratoga Springs, with Google map links included.

If you're going there, you might as well get the map and where's what.

I'd start by calling the hotline and setting up a fast meet. At least get Crary there.