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Health care provider billing baloney

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Best reason yet for Single Payer

There's a charge that the insurance company pays and one that you pay and then there's the mystery money thats only charged to people without insurance or the wrong insurance. You can best believe that, unless you have the Cadillac of insurance, the amopunt you pay will be more than your insurance company and the mystery money will be outragious. It's a game they play to balance the books.

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Everybody gets "cut out the middleman" -- except our wonderful FKDP:

Now imagine a system where there was one price charged, drop the middle man and you pay for it the same way you payed for it in the old system, payroll deduced and probably the same amount of money or less. I mean lets get real folks, we could do without insurance companys in our health care.

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No, it's a game they play to put more money in the ceo's pocket.

If they held any notion of fiduciary responsibility to the policy holder's investment, the books would take care of themselves.