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The health care poll that you need

Not the HCAN one. For pity's sake. The CBS/Times poll. Avedon actually reads the questions:

Question 38 asks, "Do you think you understand the health care reforms under consideration in Congress, or are they confusing to you?" Only 37% think they understand, while 59% think it's confusing. (And not without good reason!) And Questions 41-50 make it abundantly clear that though most people do want the government to do something to improve our healthcare situation and think in fact that even Obama is understating how bad the situation is, most don't support the plans that are being proposed and think Obama is at best overstating the potential of the plan to help them.

So: "57. Would you favor or oppose the government offering everyone a government administered health insurance plan - something like the Medicare coverage that people 65 and older get - that would compete with private health insurance plans?" Despite all the propaganda that has eroded this figure since Obama has been in office, 65% still say yes.

There you are!

If only "public option" were enough "like" Medicare!

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Given how constrained the public option will be, if it comes to exist at all, I doubt many people are going to be able to get in on it.

Unless they or their employers find some way to cheat their way into it. That could be a worthwhile endeavor...